Focus On What Matters.

You are a busy person

Don’t waste your valuable time trapped in micro-managing details that we can execute for you. We are here to help with tasks, large and small, so you can focus on what really matters.

Calendar & Inbox Management

We can help schedule meetings, add items to your calendar, and manage your inbox, freeing up your valuable time. You have better things to do.

Research & Data Entry

Whether it’s doing research for your blog, updating a data sheet for your business, or looking for the right hire, we can take these tasks off your “to do” list.

Travel Planning & Booking

You no longer have to worry about that upcoming business trip. We can manage everything from flights to meals, ensuring that everything is booked. You never have to sit on hold with your airline again!

Awan's Assisting
Nicole Davis Young, Owner, Strategic Management Services

“I could not get through my day to day chaos without Awan’s Assisting. Not only does my assistant help me stay organized and therefore sane but she is an absolute delight to work with every day. She is intuitive, creative, and generally one of the brightest people with whom I've ever had dealings.”

Awan's Assisting
Jamie Russo, Owner, Enerspace Coworking

“I've worked with Awan’s Assisting for over a year and my assistant is indispensable. She is efficient, takes initiative and is a great problem-solver. She is bright and quickly understands our business and the context for our requests. I highly recommend working with an assistant at Awan’s Assisting!”

Awan's Assisting
Jerome Chang, Owner & Architect, BLANKSPACES

“My assistant from Awan’s Assisting has been more than reliable in the past year I've worked with her—she's also insightful and resourceful.”